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Poatina Village is in the Northern Midlands on a hill right next to the Great Western Tiers in the middle of Tasmania. This is a rural region, with mountains and wildlife nearby as well as local farms. Locating Capstone College here is ideal for several reasons. The village environment and community are a good place for young people to get away from more urban communities with all the distractions and dangers that are part of city or large town living.  

The natural environment is peaceful and beautiful. The village community is very supportive of the College and many community members are directly involved in the lives of students at the College, as they participate in the breakfast club and as helpers or guest specialists. 


Capstone College has access to all the facilities and resources of the community.  

We have two different locations for our classes. The Middle School, years 9 and 10, is located in the village itself, with classrooms, a common room, library and offices. The Senior School, years 11 and 12, is located in the Valley Learning Area, about a kilometre from the Village hub. It has classrooms and a multipurpose room in a new building overlooking our full-sized sports oval. There are two other buildings with a science room, staff and a tutorial room connected by a covered community space.

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Both learning centres and the entire village and environment of Poatina is Capstone's learning space.  These areas are well resourced with computers, internet access and all the required materials for students to do their work.  

Capstone students also work in the Poatina Art Centre, where we have a hot glass workshop and other art work spaces.  The village itself has a community hall, with a stage which can be used for performances. There is a community art gallery.  There are workshop rooms for both metal fabrication, wood work and a pottery studio.

While everyone will start their days together with the Breakfast Club, the students will then utilise all of the College’s facilities in both locations plus the resource of Poatina Village.  The Senior College will provide a selection of TCE subjects and opportunities within the safe and supportive culture of a Special Assistance School. Our unique approach as a community here in Poatina, means that all of our students will have access to great teachers, support staff and guest specialists for their education. 

 The whole village is very proud and supportive of Capstone College, its students and staff.