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Capstone College is an inclusive open enrolment private school located in Poatina, Tasmania. We service the areas around us covered by Launceston, Deloraine, and Campbell Town. Our free bus service picks up and drops off students to their homes or at other convenient locations. 

Poatina is a caring, nurturing village which offers many opportunities not always found in one place in Tasmania. The CollegeCampus is spread over 2 locations:

The Upper Campus has 3 classrooms, a computer room, kitchen, library and staff rooms.

- The Lower Campus has a brand-new building with classrooms, gym area and a full size sports oval.


Capstone College provides our students with a selection of TCE subjects and opportunities within the safe and supportive culture of a Special Assistance School. Our unique community approach here in Poatina means that all our students will have access to great teachers, support staff and guest specialists for their education.

The Capstone College differences include:

• Students do a maximum of 3 subjects at any one time.

• Subjects are completed in shorter times due to doubling face to face teaching time. This enables:

- students to enrol at different entry points in a year.

- subjects completed in shorter time; less risk when life circumstances interrupt. 

- TCE achieved even with Interrupted learning patterns over more than 2 years if needed

- The ability to qualify for TCE, TCAE and limited ATAR level subjects.

- Flexible learning off site available; i.e. VET and community courses.

• Extra hours allocated to mandatory hours can be allowed for attendance and health issues– the harder the subject the more extra hours allocated.

• Small subject class sizes – allows students greater real choice of subjects.

• Full time youth and community worker dedicated to Senior students.


Our curriculum includes a mixture of literary and numerical study, together with practical, hands-on life-skills in areas like Sustainable Farming, Commercial Enterprise, Artistic Expression, the Natural Environment, Community and Historical importance.

Our learning areas are well resourced with staffing, facilities, computers, internet access and all the required materials for students to do their work. The year 9 and 10 students have what is called an “immersive program”. Real life learning experiences including arts and performance, silver smithing and hot glass, science done in nature, building a recumbent bike and many other practical projects!

Capstone College exists to provide Hope to young people in a supportive "real world" context.

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