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The village of Poatina was built in the 1950’s by the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission. The village housed the workers, administrators and workshops involved in the building of the Poatina hydro-electric power station and pipeline. When the scheme was finished, and automation of the power station began, the village was largely abandoned.  


In 1995 Fusion Australia, a Christian youth and community organisation purchased the entire village and set up their national office in Poatina. They have continued working with young people and communities for many years, providing training, housing support and other programs, including a P-12 school called Trinity College.  Poatina has seen a lot of experience in education. over the years.  


Capstone College was established by Fusion in 2016 to continue working with young people in Tasmania, and today we use the facilities of the entire village as our campus.   


The Pipeline



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