Our Principal

Meet Our Assistant Principal, Robert Tuppack 

Rob Tuppack 

Hello, my name is Rob Tuppack, and I am the Senior Schooling Coordinator at Capstone College. I have been an administrator and a Humanities/Technology/ Special needs teacher in traditional high school settings throughout Queensland.

I have led Business Education and the implementation of the Technology Syllabus at state level, but also led Health and Wellbeing, caring for student’s social/emotional and academic wellbeing at a school level.  

My educational philosophy is to enable a student to have choice in their journey and to do the best they can in this time and space. Support, flexibility and creativity around each student is so important so they can learn and develop socially and emotional for both now and in their future.

Rob Tuppack.  Bachelor of Education Secondary;  Trade qualifications: Chef.


Our Team

Russell McKane

Russell is the pioneer, founder and first Principal of Capstone College, this unique school in Tasmania. It is through his vision that Capstone College is what it is today, a place where students can have a fresh start in completing their secondary education.


After moving to Tasmania 4 years ago and establishing this amazing school here in Poatina, Russell has decided to concentrate on his love of teaching and helping these young people change and rebuild their lives.

Fusion Australia will always be indebted to Russell for his vision, effort, dedication and skills that he  has brought to this school and to the young people who have taken the opportunity to redefine their education and “Learn to Live” at Capstone College.

Russell McKane.  Post Grad Dip Ed.& Training (I.T.);  Grad. Dip. Curr. Studies.(NICE); B.Th. ACT  ; Grad.  Dip. Ed.  ; Dip. App. Art.  ; Grad. Cert. Info Tech (Melb Uni) ;  Cert IV Assessment & Training ;  V.E.T.in Schools Multimedia TAFE

Sandi Dwyer

I have had many years of experience in Education as a teacher and school chaplain in Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania. One of my most memorable professional accomplishments was when I was asked to develop a Special Education School from scratch in Katherine NT in the late 1980s. Kintore Street School still in existence today.


The values I hold dearly are wholeness, love, compassion, creativeness and wisdom, and these are all demonstrated not only by who I am but also how and what I teach inside and outside the classroom, which is why I am so passionate about Capstone Collage because it puts an individuals wellbeing ahead of academic pursuits. When an individual’s core needs are met, and their wellbeing concerns are catered for, they then feel safe and are ready to learn.

Sandi Dwyer.  Diploma of Teaching Primary ;  Bachelor of Education; Master of Education;  Graduate Diploma of Art Therapy;  Advanced Diploma of Counseling and Family Therapy.

Jesse Reid 

I am the Science and Maths teacher at Capstone College. My interests and training are in the fields of Life Sciences and Genetics. This is my second year at Capstone College, and I teach across both the 9/10 and 11/12 sites. I enjoy bushwalking, hunting, and exploring in the great outdoors.


I have a strong interest in all things pop culture and play a range of pen and paper RPGs and video games on all consoles. 

Jeese Reid.  Bachelor of Science (Major Life Sciences) ;  Honors in Genetics ; Master of Teaching.

Marian Quinn

I am the support teacher at Capstone College. I always wanted to work with students who might benefit from a different approach to access their learning. I started my teaching at Giant Steps – a school for students with autism.  In the eight years I worked there, it taught me the importance of finding the most effective way of communicating and encouraging each student.

I then moved to the Northern Territory for 10 years to teach indigenous students at an isolated self-sufficient boarding school for secondary students from remote communities.  Many of our students had experienced trauma through the death of family members or other events.  They were remarkably resilient but the pain – though not often seen – was deeply felt. 

Every group of students I’ve worked with have taught me new ways of seeing the world.

Apart from that I love gardening, reading, bushwalking, singing (but only when I’m alone), and having all my kids at home.

Marian Quinn.  Master of Education

Natasha Blackley

Natasha is the Youth Support Worker at Capstone College. A part of Natasha's job role is working directly with students to develop life skills, build and maintain healthy relationships and to make positive life choices, as well as to advocate for students needs and beliefs within our community.

Natasha has been employed with various reputable community organisations including Headspace and Anglicare, giving Natasha excellent knowledge of community programs and services to help support client's needs.

Natasha enjoys camping and traveling when ever the opportunity presents, as well as kayaking in river's around Tasmania

Natasha Blackley. Youthwork

Emily Parsons

Emily had been involved in youth work since she was still a young person herself! 

Thrown into running youth group games and youth camps at aged 16, Emily has developed a passion for young people; helping them to see the best in themselves and empower them with hope for their lives.


After working with City Mission for four years, Emily has moved to Capstone College with the desire to work alongside the students to help them be the best possible version of themselves.


She is also a keen writer, knitter and hiker alongside her best dog friend, Laska.

Emily Parsons. Diploma in Youth work;  

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Philosophy

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