Our Principal


Meet Our Principal, Robert Tuppack 

Rob Tuppack 

I am Rob Tuppack and I accepted the position of Teaching Principal in November 2020. I am grateful to lead a team of dedicated people who go above and beyond their role in meeting the needs of our students.


My educational philosophy is to enable students to have choice in their learning journey and to do the best they can in this time and space.


We offer support, flexibility and creativity for students, so they can learn to live. We measure their distance travelled academically, socially and emotionally.


Please contact me on 0432 049 168, if you want to know more

Rob Tuppack.  Bachelor of Education Secondary;  Trade qualifications: Chef.


Our Team

our dedicated team of Educators includes

Jesse Teacher 96dpi.jpg

Jesse Reid 

I am the Science and Maths teacher at Capstone College. My interests and training are in the fields of Life Sciences and Genetics. This is my second year at Capstone College, and I teach across both the 9/10 and 11/12 sites. I enjoy bushwalking, hunting, and exploring in the great outdoors.


I have a strong interest in all things pop culture and play a range of pen and paper RPGs and video games on all consoles. 


Bachelor of Science (Major Life Sciences) ;  Honors in Genetics ; Master of Teaching.


Emily Parsons

Emily had been involved in youth work since she was still a young person herself! 

Thrown into running youth group games and youth camps at aged 16, Emily has developed a passion for young people; helping them to see the best in themselves and empower them with hope for their lives.


After working with City Mission for four years, Emily has moved to Capstone College with the desire to work alongside the students to help them be the best possible version of themselves.


She is also a keen writer, knitter and hiker alongside her best dog friend, Laska.

Diploma in Youth work;  

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Philosophy

Warrick  Simmons.jpg

Warrick Simmons

I have been a high school classroom teacher for over thirty-five years and have always been committed to making a difference in the lives of young people. The courses I have taught have been primarily in English, History, Drama and Personal Development. However, I have always approached teaching as not so much me teaching courses but more as me helping young people find their way on their journey to being who they want to be.


Natasha Blackley

Natasha is the Youth Support Worker at Capstone College. A part of Natasha's job role is working directly with students to develop life skills, build and maintain healthy relationships and to make positive life choices, as well as to advocate for students needs and beliefs within our community.

Natasha has been employed with various reputable community organisations including Headspace and Anglicare, giving Natasha excellent knowledge of community programs and services to help support client's needs.

Natasha enjoys camping and traveling when ever the opportunity presents, as well as kayaking in river's around Tasmania


Karli Parker 

I'm Karli Parker and I am one of the two Teachers Assistants here at Capstone College. I have an associate degree in Education Support and have experience within the Primary sector. 

I have a passion for helping people to learn, grow and reach their potential whilst building positive relationships and I am excited for 2021

Sandi Dwyer 

Sandi Dwyer I am a uniquely gifted and talented with a passion to help people become all they are created to be through experiencing being valued, unconditional acceptance, love and belonging. I am married with three adult children who all live on the mainland. Here, my husband and I have two dogs and two cats who are our fur babies.

The values I hold dearly are wholeness, love, compassion, creativeness and wisdom, and these are all demonstrated not only by who I am but also how and what I teach inside and outside the classroom, which is why I am so passionate about Capstone Collage because it puts an individuals wellbeing ahead of academic pursuits and this is important, because when an individual’s core needs are met, and their wellbeing concerns are catered for, they then feel safe and are ready to learn.

As a teacher of both middle and senior school students, this year I am teaching Creative Arts


Jo Ireson 

I joined the Capstone Team in 2020 as a teaching assistant.  I bring a long experience as a teacher and youth worker.  In addition to teaching primary and middle school in both state and private schools, most of my experience has been in vocational rehabilitation programs in horticulture and hospitality through Fusion Australia in several states.  With my husband Dave I have also spent more than a decade travelling to and/or living in West Africa training local Africans in community development work through Fusion International.

I have a strong belief in the importance of young people investing energy in their own learning, and really enjoy working with students as they discover their potential.   I believe that there is always more to our students than their presenting behaviour.  And I love having a laugh with them.

I have four grown sons and 9 grandchildren on the mainland whom I love spending time with, and I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking and watching home renovation shows in my spare time. 

B Teaching, Adv Dip Youth and Community Work (Christian), Cert 111 Horticulture

Past Principal


Russell McKane

In 2020, we said goodbye to Russell McKane. Russell is the pioneer, founder and first Principal of Capstone College, this unique school in Tasmania. His vision provided the foundation of Capstone College, a place where students can have a fresh start in completing their secondary education.