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How do we meet our student's needs in a supportive way?

Working with young people who find school difficult for a lot of reasons, means that we need to provide a supportive culture that encourages learning in new ways. Being particularly aware of an individual’s needs and meeting them where they are at is a good start. When things get stressful, we can give everyone space to deal with problems effectively. Students can take time out, have a hot chocolate break and come back to the class feeling better!


Our staff encourages the students to build this culture of acceptance and support. We have a youth worker and other support staff in class to provide extra help. Our class sizes are very small so that we can care for individuals with high needs more effectively.​

We have a bus service  

- which can pick up and drop off students to their homes or meet at a convenient location. 


Each day starts with our Breakfast Club

- providing a hot breakfast and time to catch up and get ready for the day.

Does it cost?


Capstone College is a private school, but we do not charge fees.  


The only exception to this might be for an overnight camp or excursion.

Learning happens in an integral way where everything has order and meaning and our learning task is to unlock this meaning. Choice, Independence, Mutual Respect and Accountability all have a significant role to play.


The Village facilities are available for real life learning activities and include the Motel, Café  and Tearooms, the Creative Arts and Hot Glass Centre, a 9 Hole Golf Course, Tennis Court, Bush Walking Tracks and various Farming and Animal Husbandry activities.

Our PRISM education Model is based on students learning in real environments on real problems. It is immersive and responsive to student and learning opportunities. PRISM stands for Problem Responsive Immersive School Model. Learning will be integrated into village life and take the form of 5 week study modules linked to the Australian Curriculum.


The Australian Curriculum we cover includes: (Subjects - Level 9/10) Mathematics, English, Science, Australian Geography, Australian History, Physical Education and Health, Visual and Performing Arts, Work Studies, Design Technology.

Some vital differences include:

- Every student is treated as an Adult with adult choices and responsibilities .

- Students and teachers are on a first name basis.

- Smaller class/school size means we get to know you as an individual.

- Every student attends voluntarily.

- Real life learning; The more you put in, the more you get out of the course.

- No school uniforms.   

- Every student has the opportunity to be involved in the life of the Poatina Community.


Volunteers – we already have a number of volunteer helpers in the college. People from Poatina regularly support the breakfast club, cooking and providing a friendly space at the start of the day. Indeed, the whole village of Poatina is supportive of the college! But anyone can volunteer and be a part of college life. Contact the college and make an offer. There are many opportunities, helping in class, or contributing a skill for a specific unit.

Skilled guests – the college often invites specialist educators or helpers to teach or tutor as part of our educational program. These specialists are paid and contribute skills specifically for our year nine/ten five-week units. For example, Steve and Hannah Cooper brought their musical and dance performance skills, teaching creative workshops for our “All the World’s a Stage” unit. Alan Strange, an expert in solar powered/electric vehicle technology has run a program at Ballarat College building electric enhanced recumbent racing bikes. He brought these skills to Poatina and we built a recumbent bike together. Each unit has specific projects where skilled individuals can contribute. We also sometimes need part time teachers for specific roles. 

Business partnerships – strong relationships between the college and businesses is not just about financial support. Businesses can help by providing places for work experience and practical on the job training. The businesses in Poatina have been involved in training students already. The Chalet and General Store have helped train students in hospitality. Local mechanics have trained students in car repair and maintenance.  

Donate Now

While Capstone College is State and Federally funded and well resourced, donations of funds or physical resources are welcome.  


Contact us to find out how to help.