Enrolment Policy and Procedures


To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of both students and the college and meets  Legislative/Registration requirements.             


Capstone College is a regional college, specifically geared to meet the educational needs of young people who have disengaged from traditional schooling and who are looking for a second chance. For many young people, education has not been simple and they find themselves left behind in the system as life falls apart around them. Capstone College is designed to offer them re-engagement in learning through an interactive community-based learning model.


As a Special Assistance School enrolment is directed to meeting the needs of this specific group of students. 

Capstone College will be enrolling students from the following backgrounds. 

  •  Learning difficulties/disabilities

  •  Behavioural difficulties/disabilities

  •  Health difficulties

  •  Social Disadvantage 

  •  Financial Disadvantage

  •  English Second language or Dialect

  •  Isolation/ school refusal

  •  Age (15-20 preferred)

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  • Capstone College will accept applications for students in Year 9  to Year 12

  • While students may be at an age to be normally in a Yr. 11 program they may be required to participate in our Yr. 10 program to ensure preparation for the more rigorous demands of Yr. 11 and 12.

  • Students will need to demonstrate they fall into the categories of disadvantage listed above. It needs to be recognised that Capstone College may not be able to meet the learning and environment needs of some students with significant learning and behaviour conditions. Some students may not be ready for a return to school. Consistent with our philosophy of inclusiveness, students with disabilities, students from non-English speaking backgrounds, or those who have behavioural histories are encouraged to seek enrolment and will be accepted unless, through a process of discussions with parents/carers, past schools and/or personal referees this is deemed not to be in the best interest of the student seeking enrolment or currently enrolled students.

  • Students with a current ICE addiction will be excluded from enrolment. 

  • While we are a college that is auspiced by a Christian organisation, Fusion, Consistent with Fusions and our philosophy of inclusiveness, students from different religious and non- religious backgrounds, are encouraged to seek enrolment and personal belief will have no bearing on the enrolment process. That said enrolling students will need to be in a position of mutual respect for the Colleges Christian Worldview. 

  • The College will endeavour to make contact with previous schools of all students seeking transfers to discuss the circumstances of the transfer, to seek transfer documents and to discuss any academic or behavioural matters.  

  • Parents/Carers wishing to visit the school to discuss enrolment will be provided with an appointment, a tour of the college and documents including promotional material outlining our programs and curriculum.

  • An application for enrolment of a student will include any information Capstone College may determine relating to –

  1. the identity of the child; 

  2. the identity of the parent/carer of the child; 

  3. the place of residence of the child; 

  4. Identification of the child as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;

  5. Evidence of qualifying for Special Assistance School status and

  6. any other matter .

  • If requested by the Principal, a parent/carer wishing to enrol a school-aged child is to provide evidence of –

  1. the identity of the child;

  2. the age of the child; 

  3. the parent’s/carer’s guardianship, care or control of the child; 

  4. the child’s educational history

  5. Medical and psychological reports.


Processing of Enrolments:


Applications for enrolment are to be made on the prescribed Application for Enrolment From. On receipt of an Application for Enrolment Form, the Principal will cause it to be processed promptly. 


Where the Principal is satisfied that:

  1. The student attended and participated in an enrolment interview. (See Enrolment Process Flow Chart)

  2. The educational needs of the student can be catered for within the school.

  3. The relevant physical and emotional needs of the student can be catered for within the school.

  4. The student does not have an ICE addiction

  5. The student falls into one or more of the criteria for enrolling in a Special Assistance School.

  • Learning difficulties/disabilities

  • Behavioural difficulties/disabilities

  • Health difficulties

  • Social Disadvantage

  • Financial Disadvantage

  • English Second language or Dialect

  • Isolation/ school refusal

  • Age (15-20 preferred)

  6. Satisfactory arrangements are in place to meet financial obligations, then student will be enrolled.


In the event that the Principal has reservations or concerns regarding any of the points 1 – 5 above, the matter will be referred to the College Governance Group Chair who, together with the Principal, will work through the concern. In doing so the College Governance Group Chair will ensure that the parents/carers of the child are kept well informed and will seek to work with them toward a decision in the best interests of the child and the school.


The Principal will advise the College Governance Group of new enrolments and departures at each meeting of the College Governance Group.

The Capstone College Enrolment Process.

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