Complaints & Compliments

We value what you have to say about our school. Your feedback could make us aware of strengths and problems that we don’t know about. So, we want to hear from you.

It’s always good to be told when things go well. We like to know what’s working and how the things we do make a difference. If you would like staff to know the good things they do, please write a quick compliment at the link below and send it to us.

If you had a concern about something or would like to make a complaint we’d also like to hear that so we can work to improve and work with you to resolve the issue. You’ll find the complaints form further down on the page at the link below.

If you wish to register a complaint or to lodge a compliment, please choose an option below. You can choose to remain anonymous, and we will work swiftly towards a response.

Capstone College is a project fo Fusion Australia, and we take all complaints seriously.

View Our Grievance & Complaints Policy Documents