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About Capstone College

Capstone College has been specifically designed for young people (age 15 -22 preferred) who will not be able to complete their education at a “regular high school."


At the beginning of 2017, Capstone College was established as one of the first of these special schools in Tasmania, aimed at teaching young people more about life and learning to live. We call it “immersive education” because it places the students in real life situations with real problems and working on real solutions.

Our teaching will build learning by providing practical “hands-on” involvement and around constructive answers to the life changing challenges that so many young people face today.

Capstone College is a responsive, inclusive College, informed by Christian spirituality, where the values of justice, mercy, generosity and hospitality are lived out in community.  Where students and all who are in contact with them are invited to redeem their past and move forward together, as we learn to live and take responsibility for a better tomorrow.  

We are inclusive and open in our attitudes to other faith communities and beliefs, sexuality and past history. We aim to provide a safe community where all students are free from pressures of social stigma and able to gain the best from their education.

The College is located in Poatina at the foot of the Great Western Tiers, about 45 minutes from Launceston. Transport is provided to and from College each day. Poatina is a caring, nurturing village which offers many opportunities not always found in one place in Tasmania.

Capstone College is different from a “regular school” in that we exist to serve the needs of young people who have, for various reasons, not managed in regular schools.

Some of these reasons include:

- Learning difficulties/disabilities

- Behavioural or health difficulties/disabilities

- Social disadvantage

- Financial disadvantage

- English as a second language or dialect

- School refusal

Most young people can cope with the rigours and systems of regular schools, but some young people find school to be just too hard – these are the ones we are here to help.

Our learning areas are well resourced with staffing, facilities, computers, internet access and all the required materials for students to do their work. The year 9 and 10 students have what is called an “immersive program”. Real life learning experiences including the arts and performance, silver smithing and hot glass, science done in nature and lots of other practical projects!

Capstone College exists to provide Hope to young people in a supportive "real world" context.