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Capstone College redefines education for those for whom traditional schooling has failed.



"I dropped out

all  too hard ''

because it was

Capstone College is a Special Assistance Secondary School

for young people in years 9 to 12, aged 15 years and up.

It is different from a “regular school” in that it exists to serve the needs of students who have, for various reasons, missed out on their normal years of schooling.  

Some of these reasons include; issues of health or disability; homelessness; mental health issues; bullying in previous schools; issues with truancy; problems with substance abuse and educational difficulties.  


As a college we do not judge a person by their past, whatever that was, but offer a chance for different and better future. Most young people can cope with the rigours and systems of regular schools, but some young people find school to be just too hard – these are the ones we are here to help.


Our aim and focus is to provide an education setting that will help students who are not currently in school or are unable to continue in their current school, but would like a fresh opportunity to complete their secondary studies and to return to a positive learning future.

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