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Capstone College redefined education for those for whom traditional schooling had failed



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A Message From Capstone

After six years delivering high quality, creatively designed, inclusive education for students from the Northern Midlands and surrounding districts of Tasmania, Capstone College has now closed.


The model of education lived out at Capstone made room for every student, whatever their story or educational history, offering them the chance for a better and different future.

We’re proud to celebrate the staff, students, their families and the Poatina Village, who were all partners in this ground-breaking approach, engaging young people in a holistic educational journey, making it possible for them to “Learn to Live”.


While the impact of the Capstone approach on the lives of its students was profound, recent changes in the educational landscape resulted in the difficult decision to close the College at the end of 2021.


Questions regarding Capstone College and its operations can be directed to Fusion’s National Office by email to